Monday, March 10, 2008

Retribution Day

The ides are upon us.

5 days remain.

With all of their black propoganda, their manipulations and misdirections, they can't silence the truth. We live in an era where they can't escape their misdeeds. Justice will come to fruition.

THIS SATURDAY, at 11AM CST! Meet at the abandoned Hollywood video. Those who attended February 10th will know the location and where this is, for those that don't there are maps and pictures in the post regarding the 10th (on the right side, select the post under the month of January.) Wear a Guy Fawkes mask for your protection!

Remember, on February 10th, they met the legion.

On March 15th, they'll meet the armada!


- 2727 Fondren Rd, 11AM March 15th
- Wear a mask
- Bring a sign if you want to make your message extra-heard!
- Bring a friend
- Flier we'll generally be using - humancost.pdf

It is recommended that you bring your own bottled water, as there is no guarantee there will be enough for everyone!

Here's to another successful worldwide protest! Don't let the abuses of the Cult of Scientology continue!

(Also, save Will Smith)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I received this email recently from a concerned Scientology critic and I'd like to share it with you all. Naturally, his name has been censored.

"Please don't be apathetic before it's too late. The Church of Scientology is the modern day Gestapo. They intimidate everyone who speaks out against their practices through lies, intimidation, thievery, stalking, property destruction, and murder. Shawn Lonsdale, an avid opponent of Scientology, was found dead this Saturday from an apparent suicide in his apartment following the release of his anti-scientology documentary on local cable television in Clearwater, Florida.

Germany has permanently banned the presence of Scientology in any from from its country. The German people know the warning signs of a potential totalitarian dictatorship. They lived it first hand in the early and mid twentieth century. Naturally, this cult must be stopped before it grows into such an entity, and don't think it won't. These people are persuasive, mind washed, willing to do anything to stop "supressive people" from attacking their religion. They want Scientology to spread across the globe.

Please do your part to help stop this Naziesque movement while it still can be stopped.

Thanks for listening,
Your friend [x]."

First of all, I think it is appropriate to take a moment to mourn the loss of Shawn Lawnsdale. A bit of research quickly revealed that he was indeed a prominent critic - frequently posting on anti-Scientology message boards and taking part in every bit of activisim he could.

He was a man who the CoS defamed, harassed, ridiculed and socially destroyed. He was very much a victim of Fair Game, and this probably led to his suicide.

We all need to remember what we are fighting. We are fighting a totalitarian cult with its own military, government structure and an infinite supply of income. The only way we can win is by remembering Shawn Lawnsdale, remembering what they do and why the public needs to know about it.

Now is not the time for apathy.

Now is the time to carry the flag higher than it has ever been carried before.

Remember Shawn Lawnsdale.

Beware the ides of march.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Scientology Response

The CoS has responded to our actions formally in what is, quite frankly, the most transparent, vapid and startlingly dumbfounding statement I have ever seen. Below is a portion of what they said.

"Hacking is a felony. Sending white powders to harass, spread fear and overwork the authorities is a felony! To undermine freedom of religion is unconstitutional. Taking orders from a foreign secret service to destroy US constitutional laws may be penalized by execution. (Death.)

Who is behind the international anonymous young criminals? Press release and YouTube videos of Anonymous reads and sounds like Nazi propaganda against Jews."

Your initial response to reading this may be that its just downright offensive, and you're right - but on more levels than one.

There is of course, that most of us did not condone or take part in the hacking activity (not to mention the CoS has been aggressively hacking us for weeks, taking our sites offline intermittently...hypocrisy much?), and of course theres the fact that the police found no connection at all between us and the white powder (meaning it was mailed by several proxies and could not be traced...sounds like someone with a good bit of resources did it, eh? Not to mention the CoS has a history of mailing itself bomb threats to discredit critics.) But, aside from these trifles, there is a good bit more to these two paragraphs than meets the eye, delving into the psychology and manipulation behind your average Scientologist announcement.

Scientologists are trained to believe that all opposition to them is centralized. In this case, the CoS has calibrated the Ronbots to focus their attention on Germany. That's right - Germany is now the source of psychiatry and all Scientology opposition, so its natural that they'd tie us to Germany. I'm sure this revelation has absolutely nothing at all to do with the fact that Germany recently announced that they do not recognize Scientology as a religion, and are closely monitoring the transactions of CoS storefronts. There, they are a business, and seem to have no problem operating as such.

Take a look at this statement: "
Press release and YouTube videos of Anonymous reads and sounds like Nazi propaganda against Jews." It's interesting that they'd say this. Intriguingly trying to claim our videos are "naziesque propoganda" and German manufactured lies. Scientologists think every opposition to them is centralized. What they don't get, and in fact are fundamentally incapable of understanding is, those are our voices - our words - it comes from no leading person or organization, merely from ourselves.

Scientology at this point truly faces something it is not prepared to oppose. We operate outside of their domain, outside of their control. We operate in numbers, in full force that they have never seen before. Already the largest anti-scientologist movement since Xenu himself deployed his DC8's has hit the streets, and they don't know how to respond to it.

They don't understand it.

They can't comprehend that on an individual level, an intellectual level, we oppose NOT their freedom to believe what they wish, but the organization that possesses them.

We oppose them with reason - with our minds, with our words.

We are doing the world a service. Already countless thousands have marched in dozens of cities thousands of miles apart, individuals all of them, taking their orders from no one, something the CoS just can't grasp. Now, with the media out, with countless local and international outlets reporting, our ranks can only grow.

And so, soldiers of tomorrow, Anonymous individuals in a digital age,
an era of free, abundant information, of cyber politics, of lossless distribution and unthinkable potential - where the political arena takes place with zero expense entirely on a virtual plane, where anyones voice can be heard and silence is only where you seek to find it, we will march again. Larger. More prepared. More experienced. More anonymous.

Beware the ides of march.

Expect us.

D-Day 2-10-08 Complete!

I'm making a note here: Huge success. Roughly 70 were present at peak, hundreds upon hundreds of fliers were distributed. Stay tuned for videos and footage. News coverage by CW39. Houston Chronicle and the Houston Press are sure to pick it up as well.

Beware beware the ides of march!


Friday, February 8, 2008

Final Update!

2 days remain until the main event itself! I am sorry I have not updated this sooner to clarify a few things. There have been mixed plans being thrown around and its all gotten a bit disorganized. Some are emailing me and posting about going at 11, some about a different meeting place. Indeed, quite a bit has changed since my first post. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to keep up with all the support and keep things as organized as I'd want them, and it's hard to centralize our efforts with support coming from roughly 6 or 7 different anti-scientology forum communities, not to mention the prime movers themselves, the Anonymous.

It seems that overwhelmingly people would like to specifically synchronize our raid with the rest and do it at 11, meeting at Starbucks at 10:30. To address this first issue, I'd like to say that I have no problem with it. Some spoke about doing a wave sort of thing, so assuming there will be a few lost people who never see this and go at 1 anyway, I don't see an issue with going at 11 and ending up with more supporters coming at 1. That being said, the ruling is this: Go at 11. If you can't, go at 1. As much as I'd like to show strength in numbers by doing it all at once, it's a bit too late in the game to make dramatic changes, so we will just have to try and integrate the stragglers that never see this and come for the 1:00.

And with that adressed, time for the second order of business. Meeting place. It was pretty well accepted by the countless dozens of people emailing me that we would be meeting at Starbucks, however it seems better legally and better for our numbers if we follow the suggestion of a few posters over at Not sure where I mean? Look for the Hollywood Video sign. Thats right, we will now be meeting at the abandoned Hollywood Video. Want pictures? Follow this link, the guy went through the trouble of taking tons and we appreciate his contributions to no end. Again, while I regret changing things up, especially last minute, there is too much confusion and I have to set my foot one way or the other. Things have just gotten far too decentralized, and there are too many people that aren't completely sure what's happening.

So, quick recap:

Abandoned Hollywood Video. 10:30 AM. Here we will go over the ground rules and prepare, making sure everyone has an understanding. And then, BAM, the fun begins! Rally at 11 AM.

Clear enough? I hope so. But keep an eye out for stragglers who never caught the update - we don't want to lose people if possible.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Thank you very much for the tremendous support our protest is receiving. I would just like to lay down some specifics regarding the picket. Here is an image that gives a good description of what we should do, courtesy of an Anonymous individual.

Plans (not my doing, but still good)

In addition to this, here are some good tips on how to have a successful protest, also courtesy of Anonymous.

If you want to go the extra step and print out some fliers, here is the primary flier we will be using. Here is the 2nd flier. Print out whichever you prefer.

Finally, I would like to give some special thanks to Operation Clambake, which since 1996 has been fighting the good fight, spreading awareness and opposition to the CoS. The protest has been garnering a good bit of attention from Operation Clambake, and for those participating who found us there, thank you so very much for your contributions.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Time Has Come


We now face a great threat. There are many troubles in the world, and many I am sure are more severe and problematic, but in our age of advancement and technology, one thing stands to crush our free speech, intimidate and skew our media, pervert our children's education and ruin the lives of innocent individuals.

While they may have a very aggressive PR team, nothing can be further from the truth than the image they project for themselves. I speak, of course, about the CoS, the Church of Scientology. The CoS is, by all means, a cult, and one of the most dangerous cults in the world today. Scientology, founded by a science fiction writer named "L Ron Hubbard," was started based on the science fiction works of said author in 1953. L Ron Hubbard was even quoted at one point as saying that his father "told me and a lot of other people that the way to make a million was to start a religion."

Some of you have seen the video on youtube "The Unfunny Truth About Scientology," but by far, sadly, most of you have not. As some consolation a great deal of you were fortunate enough to see the episode of South Park dedicated to making fun of Scientology, and hopefully this episode generated a good deal of publicity for those who seek to inform the general public about what news outlets are afraid to - the cold, hard truth about The CoS. The CoS has killed, and continues to kill, hundreds of its members. They ignore modern psychiatry and the significance of psychiatric drugs, to the extent of using their legal power to remove people from medicines that maintain their livelihood, often ending in their deaths or the deaths of others.

To get right down to it, the CoS was founded as a way to make money by a science fiction author, and soon after being founded was seen as a serious threat by governments. Australia declared it "evil" and stated it was "a serious threat to the community, medically, morally and socially," and found its adherents to be "sadly deluded and often medically ill." According to an article by, many governments were quick to react to the churches cult like qualities. The United States was one such nation. "In 1963, federal agents, suspicious that Hubbard's therapy might pose a health risk, raided the church's Washington, D.C., branch. The IRS concluded soon after that Hubbard was skimming millions of dollars from church funds and revoked Scientology's tax-exempt status." That didn't stop the CoS though, who sued the IRS aggressively until 1993, when they finally wrestled back their tax exempt status and resumed their pattern of legal bullying and lies.

Don't believe me? How about Operation Snow White? "Operation Snow White was the Church of Scientology's name for a project during the 1970's to purge unfavorable records about Scientology and its founder L Ron Hubbard. This project included a series of infiltrations and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology, carried out by Church members; the single largest infiltration of the United States government in history with up to 5,000 covert agents. This was also the operation that exposed 'Operation Freakout' due to the fact that this was the case that brought the government into investigation on the Church." This is straight from the wikipedia for "Operation Snow White," with a source from The Phoenix New Times and for proof.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, however - the beginnings of what is possibly todays most dangerous organization. If you ever speak out against scientology, they will sue you, ruin you, discredit you and destroy you whatever way possible. This is part of a statute of the church that is actually taught to its members known as the "Fair Game" policy, where anyone who speaks out against the church is liable to be destroyed or discredited by any means - even killed.

Beyond the organization and its dangerous tactics, rabid misuse of the legal system and deadly agenda, are its devout followers. These followers are individuals who seek out and join the church, often in search of counsel and help for diseases and mental illnesses. Instead, they pay for expensive auditing and therapies that have a history in ending in suicides, natural deaths, and murders. The amount of money people must spill into Scientology to reach their highest ranks, (thats right, not only do you have to pay to be "cured," you have to pay to progress up "ranks" in the organization), has been estimated to be above $300,000. Where does this money go? It certainly never goes back into the followers pockets, thats for sure.

So, how does Scientology get away with it? How does it get away with its scare tactics, Nazi-esque brainwashing, and downright robbery? The money that its millions of members funnel into it often goes into a top shape legal team, is how. And they use that legal team to remove objections to their organization from everywhere. They remove objections from the internet, from TV, from the radio. They abuse laws to suit their needs, to remove all opposition, to keep their image fresh and clean as possible so as to not interrupt their modus operandi.

I have seen the stories, the elderly that looked to scientology for help and lost their last pennies to scientology and died trying to get it back. I have seen the stories of people such as Lisa Mcpherson who had mental illnesses and died as a result of Scientology's empty promises.

Recently, people have stood up to the CoS's bullying. In response to bullying and abuse of our right to free speech, people on the internet have recently begun to strike back by taking scientology websites offline, faxing endless loops of black paper to scientology centers, and making endless prank calls. This has gathered the attention of the media and a large portion of the public eye.

The organization, known only as "Anonymous," released this video press release.

While I may not condone their tactics, they're showing that there is still one last patch of ground that Scientology can't urinate on and claim as its own. While they have muted the media from reporting on their atrocities, muted our radio airwaves, and even begun to silence the internet by suing simple bloggers and forcing the removal of even youtube comments, they may have met their match in internet users who love their freedom.

So, under the flag of Anonymous, I shall march, but in my own way. I won't hack websites, but I will do my part to see that the CoS doesn't silence the internet and make its grip on modern America whole.

February 10th, in Houston Texas, we will march. We will march for what is just. We will march for those who lost their lives and livelihoods. We will march for those who scientology sent to jail for speaking out against them. We will march for those of us who have fallen. We will march for everyones right to express themselves, for everyone that looks over their shoulder when saying an ill word about the CoS. For the News outlets that are aware of the facts, but afraid to touch on them for fear of legal recourse. For the families that have lost loved ones. For the ones who have lost it all, even their families.

February 10th, we will be there, at 1PM, wearing Guy Fawkes masks, in a protest styled like the days of old. Exercising our rights as citizens, distributing fliers, making the truth known.

It is time to remind the world that Scientology does not own the streets and CERTAINLY does not own the right to free speech.

I urge anyone who would like to see action taken to attend a peaceful protest the 10th of February at the Houston Center of Scientology, located at
2727 Fondren Rd # 1A, Houston, TX.

The Unfunny Truth About Scientology
XenuTV's response to Anonymous
Operation Clambake
A Great Source of Anti-Scientology Facts
The Sad Story of Lisa Mcpherson, Victim